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Whether you work or play in the great outdoors, wildlife is a beautiful, sometimes dangerous reality.  Through awareness and knowledge, we can attempt to reduce or avoid unpleasant encounters without damaging our enthusiasm for the areas in which these encounters can take place.   

It is my mission with this training to reduce conflict, possible trauma, injury or even death where contact with bears is a likely reality.  Topics I will cover with participants include:

Basis of Bear Safety

Bear Encounters as a Reality   (Western Canadian Stats)

Common Bear Myths

Distinguishing Black and Grizzly Bears

Bear Behavioral Basics

Types of Aggressive Behaviors

Defence Systems and Guidelines for Encounters

Safety Devices

With a combination of Power point presentation, demonstration and hands on training with safety devices and discussion, it is my goal to provide a better understanding of bear behavior to help enable participants to enjoy safety, confidence and comfort in the great outdoors.

                                                                                                                                                   - Pierre Barrette

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